M90xiled (M90x) recruiting mature skilled players

We are a tight knit groups of friends who love gettin' together almost always on an everyday basis and playing Call of duty. The name of the game is DOMINATION. We are currently recruiting players within Call Of Duty: Black Ops who love to play the game as much as all of us, who has a great in game attitude and is skilled in the ways of pwning noobs... If you are looking for some great new friends and want to become apart of something awesome feel free to cantact our fearless leaders

III Zulu III or III Wi11 III on the website or over XBOX Live with a text message.         m90x.guildlaunch.com


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Please send any messages to myself III Wi11 III. I will review your recent games and determine if m90x is a good fit for you and you for m90x.

bump it up

look me up then invite me if you want!

I'll hit you up tonight

Tired of capin flags or going for the plant alone. Hit me up will see if your a fit for M90x!!

look us up m90x.guildlaunch.com