M4 Sherman

Just started playing this tank after it one shot my S35 on Pearl Island.  What a great tier 5 tank. I transferred my 16 skill TD crew into it and wow I'm hooked.  Took me 67 games to get my first mark of excellence.  Having a blast with this tank and the derp gun. I think it has cured my tank destroyer fetish!


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I just recently unlocked it myself - while my crew is not yet at 100%, I'm enjoying how versatile of a tank it is. :)

Although, I have to say that the bigger gun takes a long time to reload. :(

...16 skill crew?  I hope I never meet you on the red team! :D

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Stick to the M4 and get the E2 and A3E8 in your collection and you score the sherminator achievement. The M4 is nice, though not quite as bulletproof as some other tanks.

I got the E2 and E8. I will likely play them next year. Switched to the faster firing gun on the M4. I am having a blast with this tank. I add cola every now and again for even more devastating fire power. With all the perks I'm maxed out on spotting distance. This is one heck of a tank!

the tier 5 and 6 i thinks brilliant to play in.

so much fun and seemingly a lot of derping from your end lol

well done

I decided to jump into the E8 earlier. Plays just like the M4 only faster and more maneuverable. Using the derp gun. Really fun tank, especially when encountering the E2 version and derping to death running circles around them.