M320 Buckshot is OP

seriously... it's a grenade that explodes and then sends out buckshot as shrapnel, instead of being a really big shotgun shell like it should be.

and what's more is that they're going to make it do even more damage in the next patch for 360. is there no balance to this game?

all defense has to do is infinitely spam 320 buck on an objective and nobody can get near. imagine seine crossing or op metro but with CoD4 levels of grenade spam, and the grenades shoot you after they explode .

if they're going to buff this, then they need to buff the M26MASS RoF for fairness.


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I think you're getting the M320 GL and the M320 Buckshot (shotgun) mixed together. If I remember right, they're making the M320 Buckshot (shotgun) stronger (or more range, whatever it is), not the power of the grenade launcher version.


Besides, I don't see a whole lot of M320 spam (GL) and almost never see the shotgun version being used.


I would like to see the MASS getting buffed since it never gets used. If so, I would use it except on Seine when I collapse buildings on people all the time with the M320 GL.

A shotgun that actually kills people without emptying the whole clip? What?