I loved the m16 in CoD4.  Loved it even more in MW2.  I realize in BO it was an earlier variant but I still thought it was pretty good.  However in MW3 it seems extremely underpowered and time between bursts feels like forever.  I am just wondering if anyone else feels the same.  If anyone is having any luck with it, what is your playstyle?  I just unlocked the Type 95 and it seems pretty superior to the M16.


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Yeah, not sure why it's so underpowered, Type 95 outclasses it in every aspect except accuracy. Hopefully there's a patch on the way.

The type 95 is so much better. I actually just earned my gold camo for the gun.

The M16 has been my weapon of choice in both MW2 and Black Ops. I can easily go head-to-head with someone that is using a full auto weapon in close quarters and kill them by hip firing with the M16. For me MW3 has ruined the M16. It seems like it takes 3 bursts of an M16 to kill but only 4-5 bullets of a full auto weapon to get a kill. Since almost all the maps tend to focus on close quarters gun play with over powered automatics, I have been using the M4A1 with Slight of Hand Pro and Steady Aim Pro and just shooting off the hip to kill. The down side is that my weapon accuracy has already dropped 3%. I may give the M16 another try now that I am close to first Prestige and know the maps better, but I feel like MW3 was designed to play at a faster pace. I play Domination 99% of the time and it now feels like TDM with the occasional flag capture.

I was saying the SAME thing last night while playing...i know i had the people dead banged in my sight and still i lost the battle every time...my K/D is suffering from this gun, but for some reason im sticking with it

same thing man, from a distance even with the red dot sight, righton them, i wont even get a hit marker at times, very annoying