Hey guys my gamertag is SUICIDALS0UL I am looking to recruit people for my clan which right now is kinda lame  because we only got 6 people including me on it and I am kinda tired of playing with the same people specially because we lose when we are short one person because we all do better together.We are called the m16 clan if you can call it that because we really can be counted with fingers.lol.Anyway I got videos on my file share to show you all how me and my clan play.I dont make people change their clan tag unless the whole team is together because we be playing with some random people on our team that really suck.Our set up for our ownage and pawning people is consisted on two set ups per player divided by six.First two players:GHOST WARLORD:ACOG AND SUPPRESSOR ON THE M16 FOR GREAT ACCURACY AND NINJA.For the other 2:HARDLINE WARLORD ACOG AND SUPRESSOR AND HACKER and for the last two players:HARDLINE WARLORD ACOG AND SUPRESSOR AND NINJA.If interested in being part of this amazing clan please send a friend request and I will make sure to let you guys now that as the leader of my clan I dont play around and I am all about winning.Check me out.I barely started this clan I suck at this game playing by myself but is been two weeks since I started this small team and we havent lost a single game for the past two weeks.And believe it or not the m16 beats the sniper and I can prove that easily.Thanks for your time.


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Whats ur ages? u should try us out,maybe come into our community.

I'll Try This Out, Add Me I'm Pretty Good With The M16