Max rank requires a third of the total points required for BF3... and maintaining a BF3esque SPM isn't very hard.-


This evidently isn't very important, but to me... the game's just becoming too casual. I see reaching max rank as only for the dedicated, not for the odd guy to play it once a month and reach it. Hell even 100 stars on vehicles has been nerfed a ton. Ah well.


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Cool, maybe I'll get to max rank.  I got to CSS 21 in 3.  Would have had more but had long breaks from the game.


The thing which makes the game "casual" to me is the fact that all the starter weapons are blinged out.  Where's the incentive to unlock stuff if thestarter snier rifle already has a bipod?

I don't mind it, it removes the "starter struggle" from newer players attempting to compete with the more experienced and more "blinged out" (as you put it) members of the game. That being said, the bi-pod is annoying as hell in this game. I've had to yell "no I do not want to place the bi-pod which removes me from the head-glitch". I've just ended up removing the bi-pod altogether. :P