Luck Be A Lady

Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!! Why can't I get this stupid achievement!?!?!?!? I've retried this so many times it's annoying. Tried pushing buttons seven times each, nothing. Tried holding up and pressing each 4 times, nothing. WTF am I doing wrong here? Dumbest achievement ever!


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I  just kept doing the first lucky b a lady on challenge tower only 3 wheels and if u don't c 3 Mk tokens wen it's starts just re do it very luck based cud take u 2 times maybe 50 depends on game

A method I read randomly on youtube (which did actually work for me) was set it for 4 slots total (including the character reel) and press A to start then X 7 times once the other reel starts, then Y and B for the other reels 7 times. I know it sounds crazy but I had tried other methods for hours with no success and this one took me about 2 tries once I finally got 3 reels with MK Dragons. Good luck.

I got this on my first try.. =)

I got mine goign though the challenge tower, in fact I got it twice going through that.