Low Detail Textures/Graphics Glitch

I'm sure most of you have heard of the glitch in the game where if you install the game to your hard drive, it will take out some textures and make the graphics look awful up close.  I wasnt planning on installing but my disk got scratched accidentally and I figured it was better to attempt to install the game and suffer the bad graphics, rather than have it randomly freeze when I hit a scratch.

Anyway, my question is, when will they come out with a working patch for this?  I did some research, but only discovered old articles, and found that they attempted a patch but it didnt work? idk if I understood the whole situation, but can anyone give me a clear answer to whether they already fixed it or are working on it currently?

If you followed that and have an answer, please enlighten me haha; thanks


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That problem has been fixed for a while now.

obviously not because I just installed onto my hard drive three days ago and I have the problem...

It's fixed for me then.. I don't see how it can possibly be fixed for me alone lol. Have you tried clearing your cache so that you can reinstall the updates?


And it doesn't matter if you use a save made before the update, so don't worry about that being the problem.

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^ What do you mean bait an hook? The only use of that phrase I know of is to mock someone who has fallen for a prank. If Davo747 is trolling, I don't care. And I know that I'm not.


This problem was fixed in patch 1.2. That's a fact, which a quick google search would confirm.

As much as I play this game, I really should install it.  My poor Xbox is taking a beating.  

Try clearing the system cache as well as the game cache. This should work.

I have had the game installed since release day and while i have noticed some textures not loading properly, it has hardly been game breaking for me. What I notice the most though is what happened in the Fallout games, trees and shrubs don't load onscreen until you get a few feet away. No big deal to me.