Loving my first 2 hours in Steelport...but...

WHY?! is there no mutiplayer?! C'mon maaan! Co-op? Thats it? oh well, it is what it is i suppose. Little disapointed that I havent found an Impala yet...'64 of coarse...no wire wheels at **** either? but that sick *** maybach makes up for it I guess...I guess SR3 should hold me over till GTA5....Oh and by the way...any secret island discovered yet? sea creatures? ANYTHING?


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I have 45 hours in the game so far. Love it! I do miss multiplayer though :( The bunny has returned, and is on a ship. No secret islands I know of, but there are little easter eggs around that you will find.

Is the ship at sea? waverunners? Jumbo jets flyable?

The ship is docked I believe. There are jetskis and other boats. The only flyable things are helicopters, the V-Tol (hover jet/switch to regular jet) and a few planes at the airport like in Saints Row 2.

thier is a jet u can fly for a hitman thing mine never even lifted off the ground before it crashed but I still got credit.

Thiers no multi because it sucked so bad in the other games (lag, glitches, and modding) I'm not saying the modes sucked just how it functioned. I miss protect da Pimp.

I miss Protect the Pimp and Team Big A** Chains. Those were a ton of fun in the original Saints Row.