Love this game.

I bought this game with a few others a few months back.Well i popped it in and started playing and i realy couldnt get into it.Well after a few months i tried it again and man am i hooked.I love this game.I think the whole open world is what messed me up.Just couldnt get used to it,it was totaly diffrent from the 1st game.What alot of fun thow.And theres just so much to see and do.I love games that have alot to see and finding things.Amazing game.




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It cracks my Top 3 of All-Time...:-)

Hear Hear!

Its like...Red Dead but with wings!!!!

Hah I'm in absolutely the same boat as you man.  I bought the game on release, played it for maybe an hour and gave up on it, it just didn't grab me like Arkham Asylum did. I think the open world aspect put me off a bit.  

Picked it up again a week or so ago and DAYMN I'm hooked, the map doesn't even feel that big anymore.

I can't even fathom that the game didn't hook you guys immediately. I couldn't put it down and played it through 3 times within the first month of release.

I initially beat the game within the first week it launched, then didn't touch it again until around April.  I haven't stopped playing it since.  New game plus100%, all side quests twice, every riddler trophy and challenge... I'm finishing up Nightwing and Robin DLC challenges now.

Hooked from the start for me, never owned AA so dont have anything to compare to. i did play the demo but felt an entire game would be too claustrophobic for me so gave it a miss. This one is a cracker though.