Love it but confused (Spoilers to the first hourish of the game)

I just got murder of crows.

So I'm kind of confused about something big I must have missed and sometthing I'm just curious about.

Why is everyone suddenly trying to kill me. Brooker kept said he needed to remained unnoticed but once I threw the ball at the announcer it made sense for the police to chase me. But then I lost them and Columbia's military and weird cultists guys are sending any army after me. Why?

Also could someone explain the difference without spoiling the rest of the story what the difference is between Inifite's factions?


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Their after you because of being the false prophet they saw the AD initials at that part.

Without spoiling anything. The two factions are the Founders (Comstock) and the Vox Populi (Latin: Voice of the People)

What happens if you throw the ball at the couple? Same outcome?

TEE PRIMEX, I haven't seen you on the forums in a few years. 


The City is run by Father Cromstock the Prophet.  One of his prophecies was that a False Shepherd (you) will appear in Columbia, steal The Lamb (Elizabeth) and bring chaos to Columbia.  He will be marked by the letters A D on his hand.   If you remember back during the fair, there is a piece of propaganda with this, and Booker will look at his hand.

There are also constant voice on speaks that say to watch out for you, so that would be why you keep getting hunted down.

Thanks everyone, all making sense to me now.

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@Bergen smfh case and point

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@Bergen smfh case and point


And that would be?