loud noise when resident evil is started

when i start up resident evil code veronica **** i get a loud buzzzzz on the capcom logo for about 30 seconds any one know why and how to fix it.


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I get that buzz too, but only for about a second or so. It sounds like the static you get when you plug in a cable to speakers, only much louder.

I hear a buzz for a second to.

Yeah, it's not much of a big deal. But it's still really annoying.

Yeah I have the same problem.. The speakers on my new 40" tv I bought a week ago were up pretty damn loud and almost blew.... =\ That would have been some xmas present capcom. Thanks.....

Me too, so annoying !!!

Go into audio settings and turn off the 5.1 channel surround and the buzzing noise will go away

What audio settings if i may ask bro?

Sometimes on mine the buzz stars up and fades out till its gone others it keeps going until i load my game and even then sometimes it happens during the game at random moments.

I use the HDMI on a LED, no surround system or nothing.

Just wanna play my dreamcast classic :()

thanks dudes :D

Damn noise scared the hell out of me!

The noise is probably a part of the CAPCOM logo FMV.