LotSB Load Help ASAP

I have a load from after I talked to Liara about the shadow broker and gave her some data or whatever. I am trying to get the "The Hard Way" achievement. But with this save I have not taken the cab to Liara's apartment yet. I am wondering if I can load that save and switch it to Hardcore and play through LotSB and get the achievement.


Or am I already screwed?


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On x360a they say you should switch the difficulty before heading to Ilium. No work?

When I went for that achievement, I changed the difficulty before I spoke to Liara about it. Try that, and you should get the achievement upon completion.

I'm sorry but the earliest save I have is that when the current objective is to catch a cab to Liara's apartment. I have already spoken to her in her office above the trading floor.

I remember changing it before taking the cab, so you should be fine to do it then.

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I remember changing it before taking the cab, so you should be fine to do it then.


Really? Nice

Yayz! I got teh achievement. Thanks voteDC

No problem, that is what we are here for. I usually play the game on Veteran and only jump up to Hardcore in order to get the Geth Pulse Rifle on Haestrom (which is odd since I never equip it to anyone) and as was the case with Lair, in order to grab an achievement.

Geth Pulse Rifle? Huh, well Hardcore actually wasn't that hard at all. Normal guys get shields but one shot with Inferno ammo and its gone. Enemies just seem more aggressive, not more in quantity *cough Halo cough*.

The Shadow Brokers assassin (forgot her name) seemed more resistant to damage though, maybe because I was using the Collector Particle Beam instead of the Widow.

Yep if you do Tali's recruitment mission on Hardcore (or Insanity) in the final room you get to pick up a Geth Pulse Rifle.


I usually play on Veteran and the jump to Hardcore isn't that huge. it is just Veteran gives to be the best balance between challenge and frustration.