Lots of connection problems

Hello I play destiny most of the time I like to play online in the crucible but most of the time I just play on the planets right so I the problem is always you lost connection pelase try to fix connection problems its really annoying how that happens then I lose all my points and I get no rewards and its annoying . Ive tried simple things like connecting my xbox 360 to a wired connection for not lost of signal and it disconnects tp the server I even turn off my routers wireless and just letting the wired connection to my xbox 360 then I still get that error baboon please solve this for real make more servers or something it would be great if you could like join all the wifi s and have them share the same wifi speed right if you do solve this problems please send me feed back . And if any of you know how to fix that who you are reading this please do thank you for reading


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I had Destiny when it first came out on the 360. Have now purchased it again almost a year later with the XBOXOne. Sad that the same connection issues still plague it. It will constantly give me errors that my NAT is set to strict when it actually isn't, and fireteam  members get dropped constantly. I would have thought that they could get this fixed by now, especially on the next gen console, but apparently not.