Lost Vokun mask :-(

Not sure how, but I seem to have lost the Vokun mask. Is there a way to get it to spawn back on the body of the Vokun priest guy?


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hmmmm never heard of any priests masks respawning!  

Really not sure where its gone, I've been careful with the masks, it's just gone.

I have the same problem.  Just been all over my Falkreath house where I was storing them in the display cabinets and "poof!" gone.  There does appear to be a glitch with the cabinets where some items get "pushed" out by others.  I can only assume that it's slipped into a clipping glitch and is gone forever.  I have checked everywhere else I could think of too.

Thanks Bethesda.  How is it they make fantastic games that always bug like billy-oh and we keep buying them?

Well if you left them in the display cabinates then they will be around on the floor. They will be difficult to find once poped out but they are still 100% there.

It should be there some where, did you put them away in a display case or cabinet.

It's a little too late to help but in the future, I find it best to make dups on any of the Mask via the Hearthfire Mannequin (Glitch). They also sell for really good loot for a beginning Character.

It Vokun' sucks when you lose your Vokun' mask like that.  Vokun' stanky glitches!

@Tr0lldem0rt & @Surreal Phantom, yeah I'd put all of them in cabinets (moved them to a chest now).  I spoke to a friend who had the same issue with a sword and his advice is keep going back and it'll turn up eventually.  By that he meant whenever it fancied it so I'd probably be better off finishing the game & getting a life!  :-D

Haha. Trust me, it will still be there. You can always hire a bard who will come to you and ask if he can have that armor you "dropped" to varify its still there. I did it with a daedric ring a while back. It some how flipped to the otherside of the room.