Lost Scav Bot

So I got to chapter 14 with my solo campaign before switching things up and playing some co-op.  I did notice that I was missing a scav bot when I was playing co-op, but didn't think much about it. 

I did beging to worry when I returned to my solo campaign and found that I only had 2 bots instead of the 3 I had originally.  The third is just gone.  It's not deployed, it's not waiting at the bench... it's gone.


Anyone else seen this?  I'm having no luck finding anything about it using google, and there don't seem to be any posts about which chapter the third one is found on (want to try to re-find it, if that's even possible).

Any help would be great.  


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I haven't ran into that problem. My scav bots always show up at the benches.

The more I think about it the more I'm beginning to believe that the lost scav bot  may have been caused by a single crash while I was playing co-op.  If I remember right it was on chapter 2 and the game just locked up and I had to reboot my xbox.  

Still trying to figure it out though.   Wish I could remember where I found the 3rd bot though, would make trying to recover it (if it's even possible) that much easier.  

Actually yeah I noticed somewhere around chapter 14 or 15 that one of my 3 bots had gone MIA.

Well it right towards the end of 13 you find the third bot!but I as well noticed that when I went in to a new game plus on impossible I only had two bots and my third was mia! Maybe it's a glitch!