Lost save file

Long story short i was coming back from the nether when my screen froze (not my xbox i could still use guide button and quit to dashboard and i was still in a party and whatever) and it kicked my mate out the game that was annoying enough, went to go load the file again and it was gone..off my hard drive and everything now im guessing it got corrupted or something like that i know the answer is no but is there a way to get the save file back and if there is how? 

any help is appreciated


p.s im not sure if this was the right place to post this sort of question so forgive me if its wrong. 


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if you did not save it happens.... I lost 60 iron bars because my game froze while playing... its a known bug. remake world if you started a seed if not try abouch of seeds till you find one you like

oh no yeah i saved it put in a good few hours in to it as well which is a shame

Sorry that happened to you :( Really hope that doesn't happen to me!

I know how you feel, though I lost a bunch of stuff in a different way. Lets just say my friend and I were mining, we broke through a wall and a massive lava flow kinda chased us until we ran out of places to run lol :(

Things lost that day:

22 Diamond

2 Diamond Pickaxes

Over 200 Iron ores

12 Gold

Our lives

We were mining about 2+ hours and all that gone lol! It was funny.....but sad