lost rank?

Im just a bit curious why i lost a few ranks, dropping back down into the 30s. I joined a game late right as the game ended and on the progress bar it said i gained -100,000( Somthing like this, i didnt get a good look at the number). It's not a big deal, just wondering if this has happened to anyone or if there is a fix anywhere.


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that screwed up well that Dice fault for dropping your rank at least you can *** them out for not doing their job

You didn't lose your rank. Did you even know what your rank was before? Its a visual glitch that happens if you join at the end of a round. Your rank is unaffected by the -160000000 points that saw.

I have lost rank points before but only on games where the connection to EA was lost, this includes any weapon upgrades unlocked during that match too.

like i said it Dice fault for not doing what they're suppose to do

Yea, I've had this before. I don't know about anyone else but i'm starting to get issues with loadout. Example: My guns keep changing for all classes. I can't understand why. I use the m98 rifle,and then when I go back to playing its always a different loadout.Drives me nuts