Lost online save unable to recover via cloud saved games for minecraft Xbox one

  When I try to load minecraft to play the game and when the [loading cloud] box appears after startup of the game (minecraft Xbox one edition) it crashes and sends me to the Xbox one dashboard????? This will happen around 5-7 times and then it will finally allow me to load up into the game after all of the crashing and returning to the dashboard but when I get into the actual game where I can select one of my saves, it simply isn't the right up-to-date/last save its a save from a year and a half ago??? ive been through 7 xbox live customer support representatives and also a xbox live support supervisor and still no progress of getting back my save which has been lost to this  ridiculous incident.... My gamer tag is: TickleMyGumBalz (not trolling legitimate gamer tag) and my case number with all of the xbox live support notes is: 1292296855...I'm mostly online on the Xbox one and for privacy reasons I will not post my phone number in the forums.. My friends I play with on the console are very upset that the save was not able to be loaded properl and also 2 will be returning their game to get refunded of the money that was spent on minecraft and the rest including myself are very upset that this has happened we all would very much appreciate that this save would be recovered as soon as possible back to the owner(me TickleMyGumBalz).......


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Umm, no one from MS/4J checks this forum.  Have you tried a hard reboot of the console?  This seems to fix a lot of small issues.  The only thing I would suggest would be to tweet either Xbox Support or 4J Studios to see if they could help.  Best of luck.