Lost my save on the cloud?

All my game saves are on the cloud. I played this game the other day to campaign mission 5, and my character got to level 10.  I come back today, and it says my campaign progress is only to mission 3 (I can't even go to play mission 4 or 5) and it says my character is only level 6.  Obviously something happened where it didn't save my progress or something.  This is the only issue for any cloud saved game I ever received. Anyone else experience anything like this or know what happened?


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I had a bunch of my Skyrim game saves on the cloud.  They immediately went corrupt.  I never saved to the cloud again.  My new save files are no longer corrupt.

This cloud save garbage, much like all the garbage Microsoft keeps adding to the Xbox Live service (Youtube, Fios, UFC, ESPN) is just more stupidity they keep adding to the service which only makes things more laggy and unstable.  I wish they would just stop and keep things the way they used to be.

i feal for you , but you should know clouds are only good for raining on your parade