Lost ME2 Game Save, what to do?

Ok.. just got ME3 for my birthday. Been so looking forward to continuing the saga with my Commander Shephard, but alas due to a faulty USB stick a few months ago, I ended up losing my ME2 save data, which TOTALLY SUCKS!  I actually still have my ME1 data though... so the question i'm struggling with is should I just start a new game all together for ME3, or spend the time going back and replaying the whole trilogy from the start again (or maybe just ME2).  The idea of going back and replaying all the way though sounds like fun, but i have such a HUGE backlog of games it's ridiculous to think of spending time to replay a game (or two) that I've already played.  But i kinda feel like i'll be missing out on some of the ME3 experience if i just start from scratch.  What to do, What to do???



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If you still have the ME1 data I would just import that to ME2 and go from there. If you're REALLY wanting to play ME3 soon you can skip a lot of the side mission that aren't necessary to the plot and that would shave off a couple of hours. Hell, you could even turn the difficulty down so you could literally fly through the game. In all honestly the default choices both ME2 and ME3 pick really suck.