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Hi I am new to this forum, I wonder if anybody can help. I have previously played battlefield 3 and got up to level 25. I went to play it today all previous levels had gone and I was back to level 1 again. Has anyone else had this problem or can toy help. Many thanks

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Settings►Console►Storage► Find the Battlefield 3 Folder, Check for yours. If isn't there go on Battlelog.com

You also might have stored your levels on the cloud

https://epic•free•prizes.com/?ref=3016341 Go see this (erase the   ••• (big black dots) )

I was playing yesterday(?) and I was in a server in which everyone was base level and lost all their stuff. I just quit out, opened my stats on the home screen and joined a different server.

That's happened to me a few times as well. One certain servers I lose all my rank, weapons, etc but I back out and everything's fine on the next server I join. Is there a setting an admin can choose that does this?

Servers have been glitching out. Just quit and find a new game.

Yeah, servers reset when DICE's coding stuffs up, just leave and join an unbroken server.

hmmm used to happen on BC2 quite a lot that did, never had it on BF3 i am premium master race