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LOL- I just got this game- mass effect1- FOR 4$, on the daily deal from xbox dl, I have been playing the prologue and citadel chapter1, I guess, and this game seems like total BS, why so much politicking and endless banter of questions, investigations and repore? played for like 4 hours, cus I didn't know if I was even doing the right thing or not, but after watching some youtube, I see this is how to play! uuuuhhhg! BORING!!! Im just about to take the ship off to another world, but have not brought myself to play again, does this game get more interesting and get me more involved with stuff like 'shooting' ?? I LOL'd towards the end of the first chapter, as I and my crew had to save the consort, and as the fight started my player/avatar  shouted " finally some action!"- I thought to myself as I laughed-' no @#&%! the last 3.5 hours were totally boring with what seems like meaning less banter. I mean should pull out a sheet of paper and be taking notes er what?  I mean do I really care if that guys has a delicate leg disease, or of  the commanders past history not getting his spectre-ship, or if that other guy is a robot or not?  I guess I will give this game another shot soon, it does seam to have quite a following of players, but am I really looking at 20 plus hours of investing rocks and anomalies and debris? I mean I have no idea whats going on and what to do, why would spend time upgrading items and crew members, if we don't actually engage? am I really facing world after world of rhetoric here!? I hate to complain cus I got the game for $4, I just cant believe the tedium and pointless interactions.  I guess im not really asking for help, I just don't get it.


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I guess you will find out if you play the whole game...

The opening on the Normandy and Eden Prime are the game in Microcosm. Hell of a lot of talk in between bouts of action.

If you aren't enjoying it by the point you've reached then you are never going to in my opinion.

I`ve only just got around to playing through ME1 after buying it 5 years ago. And in my opinion it`s one of the best games I have ever played.

It is not a straight forward mindless FPS for people who want that kind of thing.

And yes, it might be a little slow off the blocks, but it`s like an interactive film, you find out more as you go on and the story starts to unfold before you.

(Tip - You can quickly skip through the chat sections by pressing X, but you will miss out on info.)

As for exploring new worlds with the Mako, you can skip all the extra side missions and just stick to the main story missions if that is what you want to do, the game lets you decide what to do.

Now for the rest of the trilogy :)

Man stick with it, seriously best trilogy ever. Sounds like you just need to get through 1 quickly, go to feros, noveria, virmire and Ilos and then you can import that character into ME2 then into ME3 and by then you will understand a lot more which will make you want to play through it all again thoroughly, have fun.

I got the trilogy and, even tho I was expecting more action, it doesn't seem too bad. I started with ME3 but decided to run thru the trilogy from the start. Got a bit messed up when I landed on a planet and had the MAKO... I was able to hop out of it but I don't remember which button I hit to get out. LOL. When I spoke to that one security guy starting "The Fan", I thought he was up to something. I guess I read too much into it as he got pissy and stomped off... At least it progresses at your speed and doesn't push you along... Nice break from FPSes...

I had friends who hated the game but i seriously enjoyed every aspect of the game, I have fully completed 1+2 with all achievements I have completed no3 but ran out of money for the dlc lol. If you can look past the fact there is plenty of talking you will be sucked into the story of the game I can guarantee you that. I got to the point where I actually hated the fighting just so I could get to the next dialogue. When I finished the 3rd game I was physically crying, I honestly didn't want to stop playing the game. Even the halo series didn't move me that much.

Seriously give it time.