Lost HOURS of gameplay because saves did not work, and I'm sad...

I played a bunch in the last couple days, unlocked lots o cheevos.  I decided to go get the Trevor cheevo and it wouldn't pop for me.  No matter what I tried or how I did it it wouldn't unlock.  I checked the internet for answers and didn't find anyone that had this issue.  I figured i'll quit the game from the home screen, turn off the one and try again.  When I went back in and loaded my save it dropped HOURS of my gameplay!  SPOILERS ahead I guess but it started me back where Cap and Thing were looking for the whatever ship before he gets his head stuck in the sand on the island.  I had played through defeating Magneto and having him fall through the Fantastic 4 lab window!  I was trying the Trevor cheevo just before talking to Fury on the carrier.  Plus I had done some free play and grabbed a lot of gold bricks from the city and went back and free-played level 1 to completion and now it's all gone... :(  I saved and continued at every terminal, saved and quit back to the city, I was always saving on top of all the supposed "auto" saves.  Needless to say I'm nun too happy about it, no sir.

On the plus side, if there is one, I went back to the hover carrier and got the Trevor cheevo, weeeeee....  :P


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