Lost Everything

So I am playing the game and a little over half way through and my Xbox 360 freezes. After I restart the console and load the game back up I notice that it asks for the initial screen size settings again like when I first started playing the game. Then when I load into the main menu the only option available is to start a New Game, and the Continue Game is greyed out. So pretty much everything is gone. I checked in my game save under the storage settings and the save file is there. My question is what exactly happened to cause this? Was it the Xbox 360 or the game itself? Is there any way to fix this issue?


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I read on the forum and some other players have had this happen to them, I am sorry.

Yeah it sucks. Guess I will just start over in the game.

Same thing happened to me. The game was saving when it crashed, now I have to start all over. I'm pretty pissed.

This just happened to me too.

Just happened to me. To me, this is the worst sort of bug that can plague a game, so, i'm not playing this pos until a title update is released.

I dont think starting over helps. I have twice and everytime I come back to play its corrupted. Contracts mode has become my game for now. I hope they fix it soon.

This happened to me as well yesterday, I really hope my save can be salvaged but I'm not optimistic.

This is terrible for a game to be released and this happen

I had it happen too.  At least all the upgrades I had won saved but had to start the game over from scratch.  I'd play contracts but it won't let me do it.  Says I am blocked due to parental controls.  I have never enabled parental controls.