Lost and the damned/Ballad of gay tony

I was wondering if the achievements are different because on these games the islands are all unlocked, cant do taxi missions or cop missions that I have found and the date achievement is another one not sure of


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Is this supposed to be a continuation of your last thread? It would be more beneficial to simply continue the conversation/discussion in your previous thread instead of making a new one. It makes it difficult to follow and hard to tell if it's a continuation from the previous thread or a new thought altogether.


To answer your question:

This link details EVERY achievement from GTA: IV to TLaD to TBoGT: www.xbox360achievements.org/.../achievements


Ok; it seems like you are asking these questions because you have EFLC, correct? If you have EFLC, then there is no way to get the achivements for original GTA: IV. You need to get original GTA:IV if you wish to get all the achivements for the game as a whole.


Right; you can't do Taxi missions in TLaD or TBoGT. Only original GTA: IV. And yes; only in original GTA: IV can you do the "dating activity". Yep; original GTA: IV is the only place you can do Vigilante missions.


So, once again: you need to have ORIGINAL GTA: IV if you plan to get all the achivements for GTA: IV.