Lost all progress

 - I played the game and earned a lot of KP which I used to unlock various things like stages, skins, etc.

 - Then I went on to play some other games.

 - I let another person play my system on their own Live account, but my account was still signed in, it just wasn't the active account.

 - While that other person was playing, Kinect randomly decided to make my account the active account.  This ended the other player's match abruptly.

 - The other player returned to the dash and switched it back to his own profile and went on to play more of Killer Instinct.

 - When I then later used my account and tried to play Killer Instinct, all of my progress was gone.  All KP and unlocks were reset.

I have now turned off the ability for Kinect to sign users in.  It's unfortunate, because I do like that feature.


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I have had this same issue. connect keeps wanting to switch to other players accounts while in a game.

everyone else has to hide out of view of the kinect or turn the darn thing off so it stoops switching profiles.

I had a similar problem!  My wife was doing really well on KI survival mode when all of a sudden it said "a sign in change has occurred" and she lost all progress because it kicked her back to the menu.  Even though I did NOT take her controller away, the only controller we have, the stupid Kinect thought I wanted to sign in on her controller!  All I did was move my head forward a bit.  I was sitting in a chair next to her the whole time!

I started a thread on the Kinect Xbox One support forum, please also post this there.

Same thing happened to me. Completely wiped my stats. I've also been having trouble with Kinect randomly switching users for no apparent reason, in Killer Instinct and in Marvel Super Heroes. Very frustrating.