Lost all my weapons and rank? WTF!!

Not only can I not get into a conquest match, when I finally did a few minutes ago I lost all my weapons I have been earning since launch day! So pissed. Has this happened to anyone else?

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I lost mine yesterday. I just restarted the console and they were all back again.

Lol... Lost em all today....again. So sad.


Well normally I'd agree with you but unfortunately, there is no alternative (unless you enjoy Call of Duty, but the lack of barebones...). If people are desperate, they should just sell their next-gen console and grab a PC. Steam is still fantastic. 

Lost all progression And weapons ".......

just lost my multilayer progress. That's a day after I lost all of my single player progress.,  This game is a joke! If anybody out there is reading this and hasn't purchased the game yet, you'd do well to choose another game.  

yes, it's server related....the lost rank and unlock crap used to happen periodically back on BF Bad Company 2...it's always temporary, what I'm concerned about is the server list with weird numbers like 58/64 with (20) in the Que.....it goes from like 10 or so completely full servers with insane Que numbers....to completely empty servers....nothing in between....and it won't let me join the empty servers...we get our whole party into an empty server it could fill up right?...but no...it won't let us join the empty ones......just the full one where I'm 17 of 18 for twenty minutes ...only to get into a server where I'm rank 0 again with that crappy weapon

I couldn't get into Conquest the day before yesterday if that's any consulation. Manually got into east coast US after 20 minutes.

Well that's promising. I hope you are correct.

I suggest not playing this game for a while, too many issues have risen the last few days.  I doubt your issue will last as this was probably server related.