Lost ALL my progress after updating my system..I reconnected to live after having had my lead in my ps3 for some dcuo & so obviously, it updated..but I found I had lost my entire progress in Halo reach..no way Im doing it all again! I wonder why It was?


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forget it. i just had the update. it screwed up my ability to play games. it says that the discs are not supported. so i cant even play halo reach anymore. crap

btw i have a question. was it a system update or a game update? that might answer a your question...

so you were playing all this time just for rank? dang and ive been playing for fun stupid me

dont bother contacting MS. if you need help, come to these forums. it'll save you time and one helluva headache...believe me. most of the people who post on here are pretty knowledgeable about the problems the crop up on xbox now and then...and their solution almost always work too

unlucky man i think all game saves should be stored online the amount of times i've changed my xbox (i've had 5 lol) and had to start my game all over again. it's stopped me completing  a couple of games.

yeah the same thing happened to me, just because i cleaned my disc cuse it was full of scratches, so ihad to redo everything all over again, luckly i got my m8 to give me a hand or i would've been there for ever.

Contact MS.

When you say progress reset... Do you mean your RANK or CAMPAGIN progress?

If Rank, you either:

A) Got banned and reset for cheating

B) Recently connected online with an offline profile. Which makes you lose all bit 20,000 cR in order to keep the game fair.


It's a glitch that has happened to many, and happened to me 4 times. Mostly happens when you shut off the game unexepectly. Like in the middle of saving or something.

Hopes this helps in the slightest :-)

It sounds like your Gamertag may have became corrupt.  I would try deleting your Gamertag from the console, clearing your console's cache, then recovering your Gamertag.


To delete your Gamertag, go to System Settings in the Xbox Dashboard, then Memory.  Select your memory unit, then select Gamer Profiles.  Find yours, and select Delete.  Make sure you hit Delete Profile Only, and not Delete Profile and Items!


Then clear your console's cache.  Go back to System Settings, then Memory.  Hover over your memory unit and press Y.  Select Clear System Cache and confirm.


Once all of that is complete, now it's time to recover your Gamertag.  Make sure no one is signed in, and press the Guide button, then press Recover Gamertag.  Make sure you have your Windows Live ID and Password that is associated with your Gamertag and follow the directions on screen.


Hope that helps!