Lost a Match Due to TIme?

I was playing a CTL and I was leader.  The match was lasting ages.  At least 20 mins.  Eventually it just ended the game giving them the win.  I thought it weird, but got ready for the next round, but another round never came.  Just ended the game after 1.

My cousin said it must have gave them the win due to more kills or sometihng (even though went 43-0 myself.)  If that is the case you shouldn't reward the win to the most kills in an objective game.    The guys on our team captured their leader a few times, just couldn't hold him. 

Anyway, what was the factor in giving them the win?  Is it really kills or points?


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I had a KOH match end based on points, which how it should be in obj. game types

Surely your points would be capturing the objective though, not one person on their team made an attempt to capture me and was never held once.  Seems pretty hard for time to run out on KOTH.

Well, there was one bot that kept rushing me, hence the 43-0 KD.   They racked up points through not moving and our team attacking the objective.  I'm a bit perplexed as to why there is no second round.