Losing Rank after a win?

Has anyone ever experienced LOSING rating after winning a ranked match?

It's happened to me twice today (once vs a dude that dc'd and another that stayed till the deathblow)

No idea wtf is going on, but I feel like im freaking jinxed!  >.<


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Well in theory, a bunch of people may have passed you at that exact time, so you went up a bit, but they went ahead of you.

Also, the Trueskill system is screwy. Anyone who played Halo 3 can attest to that. If you keep winning, you'll go up, I assure you.

After winning four straight in 2HG and losing points after each game (so did teammate) I told him I'm done with ranked games. My record in 2HG is around 20-3 (maybe better) but wins are counting toward losses. Should I even mention that in 1v1 matches that players stall constantly and the leaderboards are screwed up. Can't believe some ppl actually believe you can go on 100+ win streaks legit in this game. That's sad.

That happened to me today too. I did win the last 6 or 7 games and slowly moved up the leaderboard (every match a couple of ranks). I also did win the 8th game and dropped 30 ranks!!! WTF???

It just means you played somebody who is ranked very, very, very low.   The Trueskill system is designed for games that actually utilizes skill based match-making (ie. Truskill 29's get matched with other 29's).  This game does not do any skill-based match-making, Players match themselves.  Because the system is designed for players of similiar skill level matches, the formula is not meant for large gaps.  So if you are ranked super high and your opponent is super low,  You're going to lose rank regardless.

This also means that as time goes on and players start buying the game, The gaps between high and low will get larger. So as time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to climb the leader boards.  This is just an unfortunate downside of this type of system.  

It happened again yesterday - this time i dropped another 40 ranks after a win...

I hope they reset the leaderboards and will update the whole system. Skill-based match-making, random match-making with hidden player names and hidden decks... cheaters and boosters are then neutralised.