Losing progression in Off-line connected franchise frequently xbox one

So me and my buddies like to play the offline connected franchise together in madden 25 on the xbox one, but I'm having a terrible issue with it finishing the game and kicking me back to the main menu of madden and when I try to go back into my franchise the progression of the previous game is lost and we have to either replay it or advance a week(sim the game we say won) and play the next game, and it will do the same thing after that game, shows final score, quit and then back to the main menu of madden again. Its sooooo annoying and I can't for the life of me figure this out. No one I've read so far on the internet seems to be having the same trouble and I have been trying to troubleshoot this stuff myself. I should say that I am playing with 3 people only with 2 controllers so I'm under my main gold profile and my friends have there own accounts made. I thought because during the games my two buddys switch controllers so at first I thought this might be a issue with the fact that when they switch controllers the profiles don't recognize each other switching and maybe that would have been the reason why when the profiles switch madden doesn't know what to do so it doesn't save, so I unplugged the kinect camera so that it wouldn't do this and I'm still having the issue. Now I'm trying to see maybe if it's my modem losing connection to the server and maybe thats causing it, I have an ethernet directly into my xbox one from the modem, and getting a new modem in two days so we'll see if this is the issue. Is there anyone else at all thats doing a franchise with 2 friends or more and this happening? I don't feel like I can be the only one. I'm going to try and delete all the save files in madden and start fresh to see if that makes any difference as well. Once I get this modem I will post as well if it fixed this issue but man its annoying. Can't even play 2 games in a row with it quoting and losing that progression and replaying the games, I might as well sim every game cause I can't play 2 offline franchise games in a row.


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I am having the same issue with my offline franchise, usually it is just me playing but also happens when others play as well.  I am almost ready to give up because it seems like every second game I have to play twice.  I have a small theory that it is related to injuries it seems like any time there is a significant injury it will happen.  That's my only real guess so far

Yeah, I'm having the same problem.  I'm not sure what is causing it, but I'm annoyed.  I haven't seen too many other complaints online.  What's up?  

I've had the same issue as the original poster more times than I can count.   I too have a friend come over and we play a franchise together.  We've had sooooo many big games wiped out.   It's almost like after we have our best games, we cross our fingers, that the xbox one doesn't screw us over.   The game finishes, and instead of going to the menu, the game exits out totally, to the madden home menu.   I upgraded systems and purchased madden 25 because I was looking forward to the upgrades in game play and graphics, but I've had more problems than enjoyment.   It's literally infuriating.   Microsoft needs to fix this.... And ASAP.   The system itself has countless glitches, and I can only hope that some sort of software patch will be pushed out soon.   FIX THIS MICROSOFT