Loosing my ALL progress when i get a new console?

Right now I have an xbox 360 pro  (the withe one). I want to get an xbox slim. If i get another xbox will i loose ALL of my progress on my account? I need help!


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If you use an Xbox 360 Transfer Cable, you can transfer all of your save data, DLC, and downloaded games to your new console.

More info about it is here and here.

Your stats, level, armor, commendations, that's all saved on the Bungie servers and will be okay. I'm not sure if you have to be signed  up at bungie.net ,but the only thing you'd really lose is local files and campaign save data.



If you recover your originally named account to your new 360 you'll only lose films, Forge maps, Custom gametypes and Campaign missions may possibly be locked.

Anything that is actually stored on your memory device you will lose, therefore you need to transfer via the Transfer cable, or a standard USB flashdrive. You don't need to be signed up on bungie.net, because all of your stats, armor, etc. is tied to your XBL account, not your bungie.net account, but it wouldn't hurt to sign up and get it linked to your XBL account, plus it adds a nice "nameplate" next to your name in the game.