Looks like Gears but feels disjointed...

Im getting sections of play that last 5-10 minutes followed by MP style performance stats and loading to a new area? Not really feeling any type of campaign significance at the moment especially any real character connection considering Baird and Cole have been familiar faces since the series launch. Just feels like im playing a whole bunch of challenge modes rather than finding out how everything started in what is usually epic story telling with Gears... 


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I like it. Hardcore seems harder than I remember from previous, or maybe I'm just getting worse. The amount of rounds I have to pump into these things.


Sure the sections aren't long, but so far for me (which is only Chapter One so far I must point out) - mega intense.

Yeah mate I am still very early also, however I dont care much for stats when im playing for a story. Having loaded to a new area multiple times already so early just doesn't feel the same as a complete environment that is only interrupted for a story cinematic.

Currently feels much like many small arenas rather than part of a city.

So in other words the game plays like Aliens: Colonial Marines? Play a chapter, it's over and you get your stat screen and then you play the next chapter?

Halo is like this too now.

Sounds like a rental.

no real character development,emotion, or connection between the 4. seems like a bunch of lone wolves.

the game feels like its pushing you from the starting point to the end as quickly as it can.