Looks highly promising

Honestly, I haven't played a whole lot of the DBZ titles recently but this one looks worth the pick up for sure. Certainly will be keeping an eye out in October for it.


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Same here i cant not wait for this game to come out.

The character customization is a first for any of the Gen 7 consoles. Which makes it for me a must buy.

you should think more about the gameplay than what will be the features of the game.... what does it matter if it has character creation if the gameplay sucks?... the gameplay is the worst i have ever seen in a DBZ game, everything involves QTEs now

I heard you can turn those off. Not sure if it was a rumor, but it's something to look for. Either way, it's your opinion on the gameplay. What you may not like, millions of others may love.

i gotta admit i am a little bit worried about the gameplay. ideally there is gunna be a demo so i can try before i buy.

i dont think that there will be a demo considering the game comes out next week

yeah if there hasnt been introduced yet it probably wont be at all. i mean, there hasnt even been a single video yet in the marketplace. no commercials, no way of knowing it exists unless you've been to gamestop or saw it on youtube

pretty worried about the lack of advertising, makes me think they have no faith in their product, which means it is possibly gunna suck,

maybe. im a die hard dbz fan so id honestly get it anyway. but from what i heard, they had to do everything in a one-year period so that might have something to do with it

ign have given it a 7.5 which is high compaired to their last reviews on dbz games. im jus a bit worried about the in game moments when it stops and the little circle things pop up

one of the things almost everyone loved of the Tenkaichi series was to be able to act freely on the stage, you could attack from everywhere, you could see your Kamehameha going all the distance to your enemy, and you had to know when to use them because they were able to dodge it, just like it would really happen in the series, Goku wouldn't stand still as he sees a massive beam going towards him... but now you don't have that freedom.. your attacks will start a mini cut-scene (maybe even changing the position you or your enemy were) and it will hit him yes or yes... so... what's the challenge?