Lookn for BF3 serious clan.

my name is Justin and I live in northern California I play bf3 on a regular basis my disk broke but I already have a new one in mail which will be here tomorrow by 8PM pst I once recently was the leader and creator of a clan that got pretty serious before it disbanned we were 17 players deep. And would on the normal shut our server down from causing rage quits from all types of players, even well know 360 pub stars.


Anyways I am colonel 100 in the top 5000 for xbox players would be in the top 1000 easy but I was without internet for a better half of this year, I am working the baby fat off my account from playing the first part of my time on this game all alone and with no buddies or teammates I could rely on. My kdr is sitting at 1.87, score per minute 502, skill level anywhere from 700-900 depending what styles I am playing as, 2,200 wins to the 3,300 games I have played .


I am mostly an engineer or if we are on an infantry map I will play as a medic since I love my an-94, I typically have no luck with light machine guns so I do not normally play support class.


anyways that's alittle about my character stats and would like to say I am looking for a very serious clan, dedicated, mandatory practice sessions, and most of all I would like for your clan to be participating in E-sports matchs <---- if your clan is not doing this it may be the deal breaker for me as that is what I really want to get into.

for now I am fine with being a back up player and just need some newer members to get down with and have my back and visa versa. I enjoy camaraderie and am a huge team player. I am not an dedicated repairer for any tank drivers even though I am a mean mean gunner who will repair your tank when needed but I refuse to always put myself on blast just because somebody cant be sly with their tank. I also am a very exceptional tank pilot myself with something like 36 tank stars, I am a above average jet pilot but I would not rely on me when pitted against top of the line jet pilots unless I am wing manning a serious pilot then I will hang with the best.

anyways if your clan fits this criteria and you are recruiting please hit me up as I would love to spend some of this weekend getting to know your soldiers and hopefully earning a place into your brother hood.


Also non SERIOUS Clans please do not reply as I am not interested in anything but serious ness and hard work to achieve being with the best.


-Put your fear of Death in a box and lock that S*** down sing your death song when the time comes.    -Listed 


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register at www.echoactualgaming.com  team t1er is recruiting. we have active teams competing on our BF3 ladder

will do thanks for the reply hope to talk with you guys soon.

Send me a PM if you're interested in a highly active BF group.