Looking to trade or dupe some stuff

I have a few legendary class mods Legendary ninja level 72 Legendary hunter level 62 Legendary cat level 71 Legendary gunzerker level 72 I also have legendary weapons Intense unkempt Harold level 72 Murduring Slagga level 72 Rapid infinity level 72 Analytical *** level 72 (corrosive) Practicable conference call level 72 (incendiary) Tumtum skull masher level 68 Ultra precise bunny level 69 (incidenary) Refill baby maker level 68 I also have the 3 legendary grenade mods for the new tiny Tina dlc all level 72 (that includes the purple rarity magic missile) I would like an omen at level 72 or if someone would like to help me farm the dragons of destruction I'm also looking for a norfleet at any type

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I'm up for farming dragons, need the Seraph crystals, have a few decent level 72 items as well.  Usually on after 8 PM Central.

Ok message my gamer tag and or add me and we'll play whenever is good for you currently trying to get my friend to level 72 so he can farm with us

add me on this guys, ill be play some later on today

I'll add you as well