Looking to trade or dupe, need level 60 legendary weapons (Xbox One)

I'm currently playing this on the Xbox One. I need some stronger weapons since at the moment I can only find real cheap level 60 weapons. They don't do more damage than the level 50 ones I already have! I can trade level 50 legendaries for level 60 ones or if you can dupe them for me too, that would beich appreciated! Message me back on here or online. My GT is xxUNCLEBEARxx


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What class are you? Have a few mods I've picked up from farming tinder snowflake the past week, have a few harold pistols, think 1 is a lvl 64 double penetrating slow but saved my backside a few times☺

I'm using the Siren. Weapons is what I could really use! I've used some golden keys but it usually only ever gives  up useless pistols. Hit me up if you wanna trade or dupe!

I am looking for an Ogre Level 72 if anyone has one? I have legendary weapons for trade as well.