Looking To Start New Ghosts Clan!

Hey everyone!

Myself and a friend are looking to start a clan on Call of Duty: Ghosts. We have already decided that our name is Team Novus, and gamertag changes will be as follows; noV (Name here). Gamertag changes are not required to join. This is only if you really want to represent Team Novus!

I personally am an eSports addict. I may not be the best player around, but I know anything and everything going on in the eSports community at all times. I'm a very competitive player, whereas my friend is more of a casual player therefore making this clan already start to be well rounded. We have held nearly every position possible in many clans, from grunt all the way up to President, Commander or Founder. We have remained clanless for a long while, and have finally decided to pick back up the sticks and make a clan of our own.

This clan is going to be open to both casual and competitive gamers alike. We do plan on creating a website for the clan using either WordPress, or the Enjin network. We are extremely familiar with these services, so you can be assured that the website will not disappoint!

We are currently accepting players who meet the following requirements:

  • Age 13+
  • Mature
  • Friendly
  • Shows eagerness to prove to be an asset to the clan
Simple, right? Right!

If you have any questions about our abilities to lead a clan or gaming community, look no further! We have written two OFFICIAL guides on how to run your clan or gaming community. If you are one to question authority, which you should be, then please do read the following to make sure you're involved with guys who know exactly what they are doing:

Teachings of the Clan: Succession

Teachings of the Clan: Reflections 

Together, we also founded the website that the guides were published on; Project Ascendancy. In short, we provide professional reviews and advice for other clans and gaming communities free of charge. We have recently merged with an organization called the Enjin Designer Hub, and have added Designer Reviews and Site Reviews to our services. Lastly, we advertise for any clans that want to be advertised also free of charge.

Do you feel confident in us now? Fantastic! Be sure to send me a message on Xbox Live, or reply to this post if you are interested in joining and helping us take Team Novus to new heights!


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