Looking to start a hardcore competitive group

Looking for people to start a hardcore competitive Battlefield Bad Company 2 group with, and essentially BFBC 1, for those who have it.

Essentially, I'll be looking for a solid group of 16-20 guys who want to go hardcore in the game in terms of the multiplayer feature. I'm not talking about the actual hardcore mode itself, although we can certainly use that feature, which gives you less health and health regen, and makes it even more realistic. But, alas, essentially, if anyone even still browses these things, I could not find a different offsite Battlefield forum to use, because Battlefield.com needs you to "own a game" to post on their forum even if you have an account, even though I own both Bad Company 1, 2 and 1943.

This competitive group will be playing against EACHOTHER, so this isn't necessarily a clan. We're just trying to use real-style military tactics against eachother but in a fun and competitive environment instead of the nooby troll gameplay on multiplayer that some use. I'm talking about squads actually in formations, tanks actually moving in unison or in formations themselves, tactics, strategy, and general smarts employed. If you've played Arma or Arma II or III, that's the kindof look I'm looking for in this group. Any other questions, ask away, I'll be happy to reply. Really just looking for interest here. My Gamertag by the way is SpartanM129, on both systems. Xbox One and 360, and if I get Battlefield 4 for the One, I'll be looking to extend this group to that game as well, if others want it to be.


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