Looking to squad up with people

Hey Lads, Ladies. Im kinda sick to death of the lack of teamwork that most show online, everybody running off like headless chickens, doing nothing else but trying to protect there K/D ratio.

If  anybody out there is looking to squad up, add me on live  i like to play the objective, and typically play like, i think the devs made the game to be played, taking your time checking corners advancing from cover to cover and not running and gunning like some cat on a hot tin roof.

STEINB3RG is the gt add me on live


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I believe I seen u in game before. I understand what u mean though. i suck at it, only cause it seems like everyone in the squads be fore themselves.

Man i have been playing with Randoms for a while now and they are the worst. some i find talk and work but others jsut camp out sniping doing nothing. so glad you can change squads easily.

your gamertag looks familiar alright,,, Were we on the same squad or was it just randomly in the team......

dont know man sorry, i just jump around from squad to squad to find out who is playing. sometimes i just switch teams on random also. I been playing alot of Europe servers only because there are more matches to choose from.

Yeah i hear ye us guys are getting a bad deal with some servers being well terrible,,,, come on over to the eu servers dude hahahaha the more the merryer