Looking to recruit members for B02 clan

I am looking for average to hardcore bo2 players to join a new clan i am making. Ive been apart of a competitive clan since mw3 and now i am willing to take average gamers with a ratio above 0.75 to increse their skills to become part of my clan. Anyone over a 0.75 kill death ratio and is 16 and older can either reply message me here or.  T b0ne 91 ( the o is a zero)  on xbox live with their gamer tag to get in my party and we can see where you need improvement. Yes its free... im just tired of playing with random quitters midmatch and arrogant people that think their good. If your kd is higher then 1.0 i will most likely just need to see a game or two and make a decision to see if your a good fit so dont be discoraged that this clan wont be competitive enough if your a high kd because everyone will improve.

If your interested please reply here and message me on xbox live t b0ne 91 thank you


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my avrage is 0.50 and im 11 but im awsome bro