Looking to populate my server

  Hey all. Started a server recently and I'm partaking of a little shameless self promotion in an attempt to draw some interest. Hoping to find players, like myself, that are burnt out seeing Metro, Caspian, and Firestorm every match and are looking for a change of scenery. Attempting to use maps that I don't see very often, and if interest dictates, different modes too (right now it will be mostly Rush and Conquest). And, going by a lot of comments I've read, trying to make a place you can play and not worry about being banned for playing the game. Ideally, I'd love to draw the players I believe are the majority, those that enjoy the game, playing the objective, and using teamwork to win, but only time will tell. So, if this sounds promising to you stop by. Obviously the more, the merrier. It's on the 360, and called, Scratch an new itch... If you have any input, leave it here, or you can send me a message on Xbox Live, Gamertag: Dez13. Thanks for your time and look forward to seeing y'all on the Battlefield!


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