Looking to make new friends ! :)

Hey what's up, I'm looking for some new friends ''guys and girls''. I'm a 18 year old dude and I'm pretty funny but mature. You won't get me screaming in my mic or making annoying noises lol. I do not really take games very seriously anymore like I did before, I just play for fun and to chat with fellow gamers. You will catch me playing a variety of games from CoD, BF3, Skyrim, ME3, UNO, and NBA 2k12, and Netflix. Tt depends on what I feel like doing that day.  Add me if you would like! Thanks !


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Im Victoria, im a machinma director and a girl.

I would love to play a game of UNO with you anytime. I am pretty quiet most of the time, serious too. If you are looking for a friend i would love to hang out and play any game we have in common.

If you need another friend, add me as well. I have most of the games that you mentioned and it would be fun playing together.

i'm looking for some good folk to play UNO Rush with. anyone down? just add me

You can add me if you want.

Sure i'll send you a friend request. I don't use my mic though.

I added yaaa

lol I like your post:) if ya need a partner for cod mw3 or Uno let me know, but am gonna be terrible in uno lol.