looking to make friends on xboxlive to help out with a few games

Hello I'm LadyDhampir and  23 years old been on xbox live since i was 16 i wish to make new gaming buddies on xbox live the games i have are

Rainbow 6 las vegas 1 and 2


Gears of war 1 & 2

Halo 3,ODST,Reach

Splinter Cell Conviction

Crisis 2

Battlefield Bad company 1 & 2

Battlefield 1942

I do have other games which are either co-op and mulitplayer but cannot remember the name of it though i have a fair few games and my collection is building up, i wish to make friends who i can chill out with have a joke and a laugh ect...ect so feel free to add me :)

Yes i'm a girl gamer nothing wrong with that i like games too what makes them more enjoyable is play them with good friends makes the day go faster indeed.

Add me LadyDhampir


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Hi. it seems we play almost the same titles. I'm always pleased playing co-op with friends. Feel free to send a FR, if you want

Hi, I have been playing for years with my son but only recently purchased the accessories to play online. Discovered after years of game play that we had to start a new gamertag for online play n start all our careers on all games again.

Looking to accept new friends anytime to play and games we have that support xbox live include:

* Rainbow 6 las vegas 1 and 2

* Ghost Recon                                                                 * Tiger Woods PGA 09

* Ghost Recon Advanced warfighter                               * Ashes Cricket 09

* Gears of War 2                                                             * Fifa 10 (soccer)

* Halo 3, ODST                                                               * NRL Rugby League Live

* Call of Duty Black Ops                                                 * Moto GP 06, 07

* Call of Duty World at War                                             * UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

* Call of Duty 2 Modern Warfare                                     * Pure Football

* Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare                                     * 2010 Fifa world Cup S.Africa

* Medal of Honour                                                           * Beijing 2008 (Olympics)

* Transformers Revenge of the Fallen                            * PGR 3 (car racing)

* Kane & Lynch Dead Men                                              * Outrun 2006 coast 2 Coast

* Sniper Ghost Warrior                                                    * Forza Motorsport 2

* The Outfit                                                                      * Colin Mcrae Rally 2005

* Call of Juarez Bound in Blood                                       * Pure

* Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation                                  * Sonic The Hedgehog

* UFC 2009 Undisputed                                                   * Indiana Jones 2

* Kinect Adventures

i dont mind playing with you

Ello! I'll play with you if you don't mind playing with a 15 yr old girl :D. I have Mwf2 & all the Halo's I'm good at Mwf2 like really good. Sooo if you wanna play just add me Thuqqin Ma ( Those are q's )

Hello everyone, my old friends suck so I'm looking for replacements...  umm yea its been a while since I played xbox because of college so I'm a little rusty but  check out my profile for a gamelist and shoot me a request. (Especially looking for friends to play firefight on ODST cuz I dont have REACH but ODST go harder anyway)

Add me too :D I don't have many friends on xbox live atm.  I wouldn't mind a bit of ODST as well, reach is starting to lose its appeal to me.

This is random but have you guys seen Harry Potter yet?

Hello! Welcome to the forums! If you are having trouble or just want to play Gears 1, Halo reach, or call of duty, just send me a friend request


ola yo kasi no tngo ami en xbox live espero k me agregen solo kiero divertirme gamertag:gots raider

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