Looking to join a Strong Gaming Community? The SYNdicate (SYN)

Hello I'm ThirdEye, I'm part of a clan called SYN, we are one of the divisions in Xiled Gaming.
We here in SYN are always looking for new members and anyone who is over the age of 16 can join.
We follow a Honor Code here in SYN as does every XG Division, It is the foundation to which we were founded on.
Also in SYN were Underground Gamers, Not afraid to talk trash and defend our self's. We have fun and we love to game seriously also game relaxed too. Pretty much whatever your style of Gaming on whatever game you play, we have a clan that you would fit into comfortably and be a perfect fir for whether it be CoD, Halo, Battlefield... Etc. WE HAVE A CLAN YOU WOULD FIT INTO. I have been a member for 3 Years and I have never regretted it once.
For Example my clan that I run "SYN Xplicit XK" We play Halo Reach, Black Ops and some MW2. We range from Serious to Laid back, Were great dudes to game with and we like to have Fun, Were easy to get along with, and were open to play most any Playlist/Game Types. In Xplicit we have a good time.
We also have our own Tournament Site that has just been re-done, it's like our version of GB we also hold plenty of tournaments for plenty of different games.
In SYN we have a Strong Rank Structure and Strong leadership, and we are always looking for new interested members, so if your interested let me know.

Feel Free to add me or message me Via XBL: SYN xTHiRdEy3xX
or contact me Via AIM: iBuRn3r876

If you wanna check us out we have a web site it's http://www.synlive.com or http://www.xiledgaming.com


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Older, you have to be 16+ to join, so no kids. :p

are you kids? or a lil older?

If anyone else has any questions or is interested feel free to ask me just send me an XBL message, were a great gaming clan built in a strong gaming community and were always looking for cool new guys to game with so hit me up if you have any interests. :)