Looking to join a GTA IV/V police role-playing group..

I am currently looking to join a GTA IV and soon GTA V police role-playing clan, I used to be in a clan called A.E.F. then changed to A.S.E. then back to A.E.F. (I don't know, lol) but drama came up and things went south, so I resigned. I am a very active member, and I can contribute (if necassary) information or ways that can improve a clan, like clan activity or recruitment ideas, I try my best to avoid drama(mainly because it ruins clans) and I am not a troublesome member. If you are in a clan that claims to be "perfect", then please don't respond as there is no clan that is "perfect". I play alot of BF3 and BlOps, I can be helpful and I am a quick learner. Thanks for the suggestions!!


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My clan is nowhere near perfect; we can always use more members and players that want to dedicate themselves to the clan. If you are interested: z13.invisionfree.com/LCRP

We will be changing the forum and updating it, but this is our temporary one.

Alright, I'll look into it. Does your clan offer ride-alongs? Like, can I come in during a patrol and sit in the passenger sit of another officer, without getting out or killing anyone?

At this time, yes. When GTA V comes, this "ridealong" may or may not stay.

Hey check our gtaivpolicedepartment.webs.com

Check out this we offer ride alongs for visiting members and we are very very active, we play everyday and we do need a dedicated member who could be an Admin to edit our site if they feel like it.Check us out

This is a dead thread, and I already fount a clan. Thanks though.

check out z13.invisionfree.com/LCPSA

That LCPSA clan is really great!

GUYS!!! The thread is closed. Wulfzz213 has already found a clan.