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M2TEC ( Message to the Elite Community ) Im currently a free agent looking to represent a good team I am also an experience major league gamer for BOII & MW3. I have much respect of all players in the Xbox & PS3 community looking foward of meeting new friends that enjoy playing XBL ( Xbox Live ) such as Multiplayer, League or even Gamebattles. Please email me *** Email address is removed for privacy ***, or Message on Gamebattles.com/DeF_Prodigy


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Hello Anthony, I am new to being an XBox Ambassador but not new to COD. I read your post this morning and it just so happens that I have a clan. Matter of Fact, my clan is often the featured clan on Elite because we are always working, staying active, doing the challenges and op's. I can't guarantee you that you would get accepted but I can tell you that the 1st step is to apply. There are lots who will accept you just because you would add "Weight" to their clan but for our clan, we like to look at your record and see if you would be a good fit. If you would like to apply, go to Elite and apply to the KAJN clan and I will look over your record.

Lucan, if you were a responsible ambassador, you would've directed the OP's post to the sticky at the top of the BO2 forums and then sent your message about him joining your clan privately, rather than on a public forum. You have a lot yet to learn, young padawan...

Geek for ambassador!Got my vote,Or maybe a Modzilla?

Eyeball, I've been an ambassador in the past (says so in my bio). I didn't like it though, so I personally asked to be removed from the program. It's 1 thing to help people, but so many of them are ignorant and can't seem to figure things out for themselves and it just depressed me knowing this.