Looking to join a black ops clan

Hey I'm looking to join a blackops clan but the catch is I work night shift until 12 am so I wouldnt be on till about 12:30 am. I dont know if there is any clans playing at that time of night but if there are I'am interested. I live in Alberta Canada so I dont know the time difference if your from another time zone but yeah. Other facts my k/d ratio is at 1,92 and my winning ratio is above 1.00. I'm looking for a clan with good players who want to win every game like I do. Im most deadly with an **** rifle thats all I use so if anyone is looking for another **** rifle player send me a message ASAP. Peace


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Check out Revolution of Gaming.  We have over 3000 members and over 300 in our rank structured system.  Its hard to log on and not find someone on.  We are a laid back clan with winning not our #1 priority but we do have competitive teams including teams on gamebattles.  If interested check us out at www.rogclan.com.  Any questions just ask!

Looking for a clan/community? The Brotherhood of Valor is an online gaming community devoted to several different gaming platforms. The Brotherhood of Valor (BHV) was created to provide a place for mature, friendly, and dedicated gamers to connect and share their passion for gaming. BHV is here to provide an environment in which like-minded gamers can come and share their ideas on teamwork, tactics and structure. To implement and foster community camaraderie, BHV operates on a military type ranking structure, which helps establish a solid community foundation. While BHV does operate on a military type ranking structure we do not take ourselves too serious, we believe ultimately in having fun and that is why we are here.

Our hope is for BHV to be a place for you to join and be able to feel as though, when gaming, you are part of a "Brotherhood" and not just an empty gaming community.

So if you are looking for a place to game where you are respected, have advancement opportunities, and enjoy a team atmosphere then BHV is waiting for you.

*All skill levels are welcomed at BHV as we have several different squad types.

*BHV welcomes all gamers over the age of 16 years old.

We are recruiting mature gamers at Wasted Talent Gaming. Here's the basic info about WTG.


Members ages range from 16-29 with most of us on the East Coast, 4 of us from North Carolina.


Stop by the website and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Website: www.wastedtalentgaming.com


Leaders Gamertag: WTG TRU


:: About WTG ::

WTG is a mature clan/community for competitive and casual gamers. We were originally founded in 2007 under a different name. After almost 2 years we took a break from the clan scene. With our return in October 2010 we are once again building up our clan/community with the same goals in mind.



:: Our Goals ::

It's simple, we want a group of gamers that like to have fun but also will take pride in being in a non cheating, glitching, trash talking clan. We want to provide a fun, respectful community for all gamers to visit and take part in tournaments, game nights, friendly matches, and a lot more.