Looking to form a new group.

Well most of my team members have moved on to different games and rarely play RDR any more. I am looking to find some new people to play with. Does not have to be a huge group, perhaps 5 or 6 people. im at level 50 5th prestige but that is not a requirement to play with me. I would like to play with you first before i join a group with you. I was a member of the Dev Gru before it disbanded and i am currently a member of Hells Angels. While I am not a fixed member, I have also played with several members of the ASK clan.


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I just join posses at random, and make friends along the way.

for the most part that is what i have been doing but i tend to be more selective of who i join up with.

hey just add me. AssassinG1997 im available always

I'm down. Just send me a message if you want me to add you, as my friend list is full currently.

add me if u want

I've been looking for people to play with also, to bad I've only run into douches so far :(

There's an over-abundance of that out there.

I am new to the game but would like to find a group to play with and learn from

add me